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Destiny Calling | Catherine Scott

Destiny Calling

10 year-old Bethany Barton had a normal life with her parents and annoying older brother Jez until her dad was paralysed in a car crash two years ago. Beth has since retreated from school life, becoming shy and silent. She refuses to bring friends home for fear of them seeing her dad in his wheelchair. From eavesdropping on the secret conversations of doctors and parents, Beth believes that her dad could walk again. She knows all her family needs is money, but plans to keep this to herself until the time is right.

New girl Destiny turns up in school one day and enchants Beth with her confidence and non-stop chatter about life with her overworked single mum Terri on a rough estate. In turn, Beth confides in Destiny about her dad. When Destiny and Beth discover an X Factor-style show named Destiny Calling, where contestants compete to get their wishes granted, they decide to apply, and make Beth’s secret plans a reality…

"A lovely short story which I thoroughly recommend. 'Destiny Calling' is a wonderful feel -good story that will really pull at your heart strings and leave you smiling.. Even though the book is for young adults I enjoyed it very much at the age of 31 and will be keeping my eye out for more from Catherine Scott. 5/5"
- Louisa Nash, reviewer for WhatsGoodToDo.co.uk

"Catherine has a gift for storytelling. I really enjoyed the book: a good narrative and characterisation, an easy reading style with an insight into the young mind but with a serious subject at its heart that makes the reader want to read on."
- Joyce Little, Head of Liverpool City Libraries

"I loved the journey of emotions that 'Destiny Calling' took me through. It made me smile, laugh and cry. I couldn't put it down and though it ended on a high, I was sad it had come to an end. I enjoyed the way the book captured the complexities of relationships and emotions felt at that age and explored hardships from different angles. It's brilliantly written and I would say reaches out to a wide audience."
- Sue Ware, mum of one, Dunstable

"My pupils loved reading 'Destiny Calling'. They enjoyed the characters and said it reminded them of Jacqueline Wilson books they had read. Once they had started it, they couldn't put it down! It was lovely to see my children enjoy the book so much. Clearly, Catherine Scott is a fantastic new talent. "
- Ellie Charlesworth, Primary teacher, Devon

"My daughter, who has just turned 11, was absorbed in ‘Destiny Calling’ from the first page and had to be torn away from it for bedtimes and meals. She loved the themes of friendship and identified with the ups and downs of family life. I thought the topic of disability was handled sensitively and in a way that’s understandable to children without being patronising."
- Keeley Dyer, mum of three, Milton Keynes

"My son, who is 11, is an avid reader and gets through books almost as fast as I can buy them for him. 'Destiny Calling' was no exception, and he was immersed in it from cover to cover. I think it's an ideal read for the 8 - 12 age group, but I also enjoyed it as an adult reader. I thought the subject matter was original and engaging, and found the characters came to life immediately. You really find yourself rooting for Beth and Destiny, and as a dad myself I was really touched by the relationship between Beth and her dad. "
- Simon Morris, dad of two, Watford